Frequently asked questions - Visionplan

  • Where can I use Vision Plan?

    Vision Plan is exclusive to OPSM customers and can be used at any OPSM store in New Zealand.

  • Does Vision Plan charge interest or fees?

    No, Vision Plan is interest free. We require a minimum of $100 deposit when ordering the glasses but apart from that there are no fees unless a payment declines. If a payment declines you will be charged a $10 late fee.

  • What can I use my allowance for?

    Vision Plan allowance can be used for frames, lenses and lens extras. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for contact lenses, sundry items or eye tests.

  • Will my plan automatically renew?

    No. Your payments will stop at the end of your 12 month term, or (if earlier) once you have paid your plan in full. Your allowance will not roll over. However, you can take a new Visionplan at the end of your current plan.

  • Can I start another plan on completion of my current term?

    Yes. If you wish to purchase further product or services from OPSM on Visionplan at the end of the current term you can start a new plan under the new terms and conditions by visiting your local OPSM store. You cannot add further allowances to your current plan. If you want to increase your allowance you will need to pay your current plan in full and start a new plan.

  • What warranty does Vision Plan offer?

    Products purchased with Vision Plan have the same warranty and return policies as purchasing the product privately. For more information on these policies you can contact your local OPSM store or go to &

  • Can I cancel my plan?

    If you haven’t redeemed any product or exam allowance you can cancel your plan and your payments will be refunded to you. However, once you have redeemed part or all of your allowance you are required to keep paying your fee until the initial 12-month minimum term is complete. You can pay the outstanding amount in full by contacting Debit Success. After the minimum 12-month term is complete your payment will stop automatically.

  • Can I view my account online?

    Yes. If you go to you can log in to the system to view your balances and account information. You will have been issued a log in and password for your account at the time of sign up, if you do not have those details please contact the Visionplan office and this can be updated.

  • What do I need to apply for a VisionPlan?

    There is no credit check to sign up to VisionPlan, you simply need to meet the following criteria:

    • New Zealand resident
    • Over 18 years of age or if under 18 must have a parent or guardian as guarantor
    • If you have had a VisionPlan before it must pass approval from VisionPlan to be reinstated

    You will need the following documents to sign up:

    • Photo ID (passport/ drivers licence etc.)
    • Proof of residence in New Zealand 
    • New Zealand bank account details
  • I am having financial hardship and struggling to make payments, what do I do?

    You can call or email our VisionPlan team and we will be able to make arrangements to suit your needs. We don’t want to put you into debt so it is extremely important that you contact us if you are having any difficulties to avoid late fees.

  • I want to speak to someone about Vision Plan, who do I talk to?

    You can contact the Vision Plan team by calling 0800 88 99 08 or emailing Our office is open for enquiries Monday- Friday 7am-7pm (AEST).

  • Who takes the payments for Vision Plan?

    New Zealand company Debit Success takes all payments on behalf Vision Plan. They will contact you if your payment declines or banking details are invalid. Any enquiries regarding your payments or banking details can be forwarded to Debit success. You can contact them by calling 0800 739 049 or emailing

  • Can I pay off my plan early and are there any fees if I do pay my plan off early?

    You can certainly pay your plan early or make payments in advance by calling Debit Success on 0800 739 049. You can also go to on their website and make payments by entering your Debit Success reference number (found on bank statement) and your surname.

  • I can’t login to the Vision Plan portal, what do I do?

    Try the “Forgot Password’ option on the login page, if this does not work please contact the Vision Plan team on 0800 88 99 08 or and they will assist you.