Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern any transaction between Luxottica Retail New Zealand Limited (OPSM) and OPSM customers who have signed up to Visionplan.

The terms and conditions issued by Debitsuccess Limited also govern the collection of payments under Visionplan and may contain additional fees you are subject to.

Visionplan is not an insurance product and no insurance cover is provided.

The terms “Visionplan” and “OPSM” shall be used interchangeably . The term "you" refers to the customer.


1.1. The term for Visionplan is 12 months or the full payment of your Visionplan, whichever occurs first (Term).

1.2. Your contract (comprising these terms and conditions and the terms of the confirmation notice which you receive in store at the point of signup) shall start on the date stated on the confirmation notice.

1.3. You agree to sign on as a Visionplan member for the Term.

1.4. You agree and accept that:

a) you are over the age of 18 years;
b) you are the person responsible for the nominated bank account;
c) you agree to pay by the method indicated on the confirmation notice;
d) you accept responsibility for all charges made to your nominated bank account;
e) you agree to these terms and conditions; and
f) you agree to the allowance limits of the Visionplan selected.

2. Communication

2.1. When you visit our website or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We consent to receiving notices or other communications from you in electronic form. You consent to receiving notices or other communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by email, by SMS, or by standard post. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. Any notices sent to you will be to the email address you registered when joining Visionplan. If your email address changes please contact us as soon as possible.

2.2. You acknowledge and agree that, in addition to the permitted uses of your personal information set out in our privacy policy (available from www.opsm.co.nz/privacy-policy), we may collect and use your personal information for the purposes of communicating with you about Visionplan.

2.3. You can access your account payment history under your account by logging into our website using your membership login details.

3. Allowances

3.1. The Visionplan schedule of allowances is available on the Visionplan website and states what each Visionplan delivers. Visionplan is available at all participating OPSM stores.

4. Payment start date

4.1. Once OPSM issues you with your notice confirming your plan, payments from your nominated bank account or Credit Card will commence on the date you have nominated (as detailed on your confirmation notice), and will fall due at the frequency specified in your confirmation notice.

5. Frequency of Payments

5.1. You may choose to pay your fee weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

5.2. If you choose to pay:

a) weekly, then your fee is to be paid in 52 equal weekly instalments by direct debit or credit card;
b) fortnightly, then your fee to be paid in 26 equal fortnightly instalments by direct debit or credit card; or
c) monthly, then your fee is to be paid in 12 equal monthly instalments by direct debit or credit card.

6. Missed payments

6.1. We are not responsible for your bank charges if payments fail, unless the payment failure is directly caused by our negligence or breach of this contract.

6.2. You must make payments in accordance with the times specified in your confirmation notice. You may not obtain another Visionplan if you have missed any payments under any current Visionplan.

7. Cancellation policy

7.1. If you are having any difficulty making your payments please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options. These options may include cancelling your plan (subject to clause 7.2) and allowing you to obtain a new Visionplan of lower value.

7.2. You must not cancel your membership if, at any time during the Term of the contract, you have redeemed any of the allowance made available to you under that contract and you are not returning the product you obtained under Visionplan for a refund.

7.3. If you cancel your membership after you have redeemed any of the allowance made available to you under your contract and you are not returning the product you obtained under Visionplan for a refund, you will be in default and you will be liable to Visionplan for the full fees payable under that contract for the term, less any amounts already paid by you, to cover Visionplan’s costs arising from that default.

7.4. Failure to pay in full such monies when demanded may result in your account being passed on to a debt collection agency, and debt collection fees may be added to the amount you are required to pay.

7.5. Your entitlements under Visionplan cannot be gifted or sold to another person.

7.6. Notwithstanding clauses 7.2 to 7.4, your Visionplan will be cancelled when you return the product you obtained under Visionplan for a refund in accordance with OPSM’s refund policies at www.opsm.co.nz/opsm-faqs. If your Visionplan is cancelled in this instance, the allowance you have paid will be refunded to you.

8. Pricing & GST

8.1. All fees and allowances include GST. All payments are rounded off to the nearest cent.

8.2. Visionplan is not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

9. Privacy

9.1. A full copy of our privacy policy can be found on www.opsm.co.nz/privacy-policy.

10. Variations

10.1. We may vary these terms and conditions from time to time.

10.2. We may also vary or withdraw any of our products and services, or any specific terms that apply to them.

10.3. Where the change affects the amount, frequency, time for payment, or method of calculation of any fee or charge or other payment payable under the contract, you will be given full particulars of the change and any other necessary information, which will appear on our website within 5 working days of the day on which the change takes effect. You will also be notified by email within 5 working days of the day on which the change takes effect.

10.4. Where in our reasonable opinion any variation under this clause 10 is materially detrimental to you, you will have the right to cancel the contract, without a cancellation charge and without being liable to make the payments referred to in clause 7.3 above, before the change takes effect. We will notify you of the variation, and your right to cancel, two weeks in advance of the variation taking effect. In the event of a cancellation under this clause 10.4, you must use your remaining allowance within 3 months or forfeit the remainder of your unused allowance.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about Visionplan, please contact us at:
Mail: Luxottica Retail New Zealand Limited
PO Box 74-589, Greenlane, Auckland 1546
Phone: 0800 88 99 08
Email: support@visionplan.co.nz